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Earn Money With Probux (Comszone)

Have you ever saw an Ads showing that 'Earn up to $3500 dollars per hour'. If yes, have you wondered how it can be possible? Yes, It is possible. PTC it means Paid-To-Click.You will be paid to watch Ads.It seems exciting and easy but when you sing up on the site and watch the ads.!boooo!. it is fake . You only get $0.001 for each click.And up to 50 ads per day.It means only $0.050 per day!. You total earning for a month is 0.050 * 30 = $1.5 .

If I am getting low income So why to join Probux? 
The answer is very easy.Probux doesn`t pay you for watching ads it pays you for referrals.Get more than 300 referrals and you can get $4.00 per day as Stander user(free user) and $8.00 for Golden Member

What are Referrals?
Referrals are the members who sing up under you referral link.You will get 50% of their income.

How can I get Referrals?
I can understand that getting referrals is a big problem.But Probux allow both Direct and rented referrals.Rented referrals means the referrals you have rented.

How can I earn Quickly?
Look earning money is not a quick process but if you want to shorten the time.I strongly suggest you to invest some money like $1. It is very small amount and can be easily afforded.

What you have to actually do?
You have to just click the ads as i have told earlier you will get paid $0.05 per day.After 10 days your account reaches $0.600.Then rent some referrals (i.e. 3 referrals ). Again repeat the process to reach $1.You will notice that it will take less time to reach $1.Then again by referrals (i.e. 5 referrals). repeat the process until you reach 200 referrals.I am not a liar so i am telling you the truth it will take 6 months to do this.After that when you get money Upgrade to Golden Membership.Now you will notice you earning will be double.After that again start renting the referrals.Score up to 300 referrals and that`s it.Now you will earn $8.00 per day. It means $240 per month.If you want more money rent some more referrals.And Cash out every month a big amount of money.

To Sing up click on the banner below. ↓ 

Don`t forget to try your luck in Progrid .
If you won Progrid your process of earning money will be boosted.Just rent referrals of that money.

Last Words
If you find any difficulty in this tutorial Leave a reply. Thanks for visiting. 


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