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Earn Money From Microworking GPT

Are you here looking to find a way to make more money online? Here is a simple online network through which one can earn decent money by doing micro jobs. Micro Jobs are considered as one of the best ways to earn online as this does not require any commitment or a specialized skill set. You can select the job of your choice that can suit your requirement and can earn from it.

There are lot of micro job sites like Fiverr, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Tenbux etc. which offers micro jobs and pays decent money. Today we are going to know about MicroWorkers another micro job site which is genuine and is excellent source of additional income.

I came to know about MicroWorkers when I was looking for something I found an article which said Earn $10 a day from MicroWorkers. The title made me look at it and after going through that article I thought of giving MicroWorkers a try. Finally I decided to share my experience with MicroWorkers along with the ways to earn more money online from it.

  • Create An Account With MicroWorkers


  • Register: MicroWorkers.com

  • Create an account using the proper information; you can refer to the image given below for more details.

microworkers registration 

  • Ensure that you put in the full name and this can’t be changed later. Also provide the right information as you can create only one account from a single IP. MicroWorkers are very strict when it comes to creating multiple Ids and they do ban people who do it. Once you are done with registrations then do confirm your account from the Email which is sent to your Email Address (Do Check Spam Folder).

Make More Money From MicroWorkers

Once you log in to your account you will find a list of jobs with the estimated price alongside it. These jobs include Sign up, Blog Commenting, FaceBook Share, Yahoo Answers, Link Building, Article Writing etc. As you can see there are lot of jobs of different skill set listed in this section from which you can select the right one for you.

jobs in microworkersFrom the image above you can see that certain tasks are paid very less compared to others. Tasks like sign ups and YouTube comments are paid around $0.08-0.20 wherein tasks like Forum Commenting and Link building are paid anywhere between $0.5-$4.0 or even more. This totally depends on the time taken to finish certain task; if the task consumes more time the pay will be high and vice versa.

I have found forum post and links to blogs are paid the most anywhere between $0.5 to $4.0 and above. I found a task yesterday which asked me to link a site to a blog with PR 2 wherein the pay was around $1.5. I would not suggest you to go for it unless you have multiple low quality blogs with PR 2 and you can purchase such blogs at a much cheaper price of $10-15 or little above from forums like Digital Point. The reason behind this is $1.5 is not a good price to get a link from PR 2 blog of high quality; so if possible go for a domain with PR 2 and add a link to it. I found a webmaster following this above trick and made around $12 in a single day.

expectation from microworkers 

When you click on any task you will get the details of what has to be done and the required proof to finish any task. All you need to do is follow the instruction and complete the task with the required proof. You can refer to the image above for a sample of instruction for workers. Never try to cheat MicroWorkers system or your account will be banned.

microworkers completion 

When you are done with the task note down all the proof that is required and then click on “I Accept this Job”. Put in the valid proof as instructed and click on “I confirm that I have completed this task” and you are done. Never spam in this section and just put in the required information. This information will be reviewed by the advertiser and once confirmed you will be paid. At times confirmation takes around max. 24 hrs but it will be done well before that.

So more the time you spend more is the chance of making money. There are people who do earn a lot of money from these kinds of micro job sites. The best thing about this site is there are too many cool things you can do and meanwhile can earn from it. You can do it on your free time with ease without any use of third party application and its a complete online work.

Things to Follow in MicroWorkers

  • Always put in the right information in each and everything you do in MicroWorkers

  • Use a separate Email Id for registration in order to stay safe from Email Spam’s. Also use the same email id for sign up works.

  • Look at “Done” column before you start with any work (E.g. 36/38 means that out of 38 slots 36 slots are completed; so the chance of this work getting blocked is high). This is the reason you will find an error at the end saying that this job is on hold.

  • Never spam in work completion notification section else your IP will be put in spammers list.

  • Create 1 ID per IP and don’t try to create multiple ID’s else your IP will be banned.

These are some of the basic things that you need to take care off while using MicroWorkers. Apart from this it is totally fun to work with MicroWorkers. Now Register, log in, start with micro jobs and start earning. If you have any query or have a good or bad experience with MicroWorkers then do let us know by commenting.




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