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LikesPlanet | Earn Money By Liking And Also Get Likes

                LikesPlanet is your way to Advertise your social pages 
                                 or Earn Money by doing Likes/Hits!

Welcome to LikesPlanet Promotional tool for Facebook Likes, Facebook followers, Twitter Followers, Tweet, Re-Tweet, Google Plus, Youtube Likes, Youtube Subscribes, Youtube Views, Stumbleupon Followers, Pinterest Followers, PinIt, Instagram followers, Instagram photo likes, Traffic to Websites/blog sites and Free Social Media to Increase Page Ranking and Google Top Ranking.It is an an amazing SEO promotion tool.
LikesPlanet is a Social Network that will help you to grow your Business and Promote your Pages and Websites to get More Traffic and Visitors.

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How it works?

  • Get 1000s Free FaceBook Page/Photo/Post/Album Likes/Shares !!

  • Get 1000s Free YouTube Video Likes/Dislikes/Plays !!

  • Get 1000s Free Twitter/StumbleUpon/LinkedIN/Instagram Followers !!

  • Get 1000s Free Website Traffic !!

  • 100% SAFE Network. Get only High-Quality Fans!

  • NO BOTs, NO Automated profiles!

  • We are all here for the same reason, Exchanging Fans!

How to Get Points ?

There are different ways to earn points.

1 Earn Points by Buying Them

         If your time is important to you then this might be the best option for you. You can purchase points by going to this page. All points purchased will be added to your account Instantly. We accept PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve.

2 Earn Points by Following, Liking, etc.

        In order to earn points this way just click on one of the Icons at the top of this page. If you're wanting to Like Facebook Pages for Points then click on the "Facebook Likes" icon. You will receive a list of pages to interact with. The "Points" listed under each page is how many points you will receive for Liking that page.

3 Earn Points by Referrals

       You can earn points for telling your friends, family or customers about LikesPlanet. Just use your "Referral Link" when sending them to the site. You will receive 100 Points for each person join under your referral + 600 points for each active referral + 5% of its profits that signs up to LikesPlanet from a different internet connection.

4 Earn Points by Daily Bonus

       We also offer a daily bonus each day. You can earn this daily bonus just by logging in every day and doing some hits.

How to earn some Extra points?

How to earn 100 to 1,000 Points Every day ?

There are two ways to earn extra points.
1) Make a Blog/Page about LikesPlanet:

Create a New Blog or Page in any forum or website builder, example (Webs, Blogspot, Weebly,...etc)
Talk about LikesPlanet.com, that it can provide Free Likes and Followers for different social media networks...etc
Inform visitors that LikesPlanet helps to earn money, $0.12 per refferal, add your payment proof if possible, ...etc
Add your Referral Link:
http://likesplanet.com/promote.php?ref=Your username
When blog/page is done, please send its URL address, we will review and give points for you.
If your work was great, we will give you 600 or maybe 1,000 points, otherwise we give 250 points.
You can make a new blog on different providers Every Day!

2) Make YouTube Video:

Create new video talking about LikesPlanet, explain its features, add your refferal link in video, ...etc
Your Referral Link:
http://likesplanet.com/promote.php?ref=Your username
When video worked and uploaded to YouTube, please send its URL address, we will review and give points for you.
If your work was great, we will give you 500 points, otherwise we give 250 points.
You can make a new video Everyday!


  • Get 50 Points daily bonus, 50 Points signup bonus, and 100 Points per referral bonus!
  • Get 50% Points of each referral bonus! and 100 points per active referral (new)
  • Easy Facebook likes/shares/Photo likes/Post likes/Votes/Comments/...etc
  • Easy Google Plus+ exchanger with Un-Plus Detector.
  • Easy Twitter followers exchanger.
  • Easy YouTube Subscribe/Likes/Dislikes/Comments/Fav exchanger.
  • Easy YouTube views exchanger. (Auto-Surf)
  • Easy Websites Hits exchanger. (Manual-Surf)
  • 100% High-Quality & Safe Promotion System.


  • Get Paid $0.003 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Google Plus or Traffic Hit!

  • Low $0.10 minimum payout To okapay and $0.70 to payal
  • Get 0.01 signup bonus
  • Get 50% of your referrals with unlimited refers.
  • okapay & PayPal supported
  • NO need to deposit to Start Earning!


Minimum Payout System :
You can request a payout payment when you have:
$0.70 for PayPal.
$0.10 for OKPay.

When you collect money ?
After you request a payout, We will transfer money within 8 days. (OKPay takes 48 hours only)
You can cancel your payment request to change Payment Address or Method.


                        Join LikesPlanet Now!


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