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7 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Nowadays Blogging is one of the most popular web ways that a lot of internet users tend to use for it's easiest and considered as a free tool to express their tends not just that but it's a great way to make money online.

Due to the great increasing in the number of blogs and bloggers, There is a hard competition between the blogger, that increases day by day and everyone want to be in the first search results and in the top of ranking.
Now you can see how much internet users become a huge number which mean there is a good number of traffic for your blog you can get easily.
For all sites/blogs traffic is the most important thing for site owners/bloggers. A famous saying is " Site without visitors equal no site", for this professional blogger take care of their site traffic. If you are writing a blog articles day-by-day but can’t get traffic then your all efforts is just nothing and a waste of time. So you have to utilize your time and get good number of visitors to your blog.
Here i give you some common ways that they can easily use for your own blog and, apply these strategies they will help you to increase your traffic:
1. Write a unique & Trending Content.
Write your own knowledge and a unique article, because that is the first thing that you need to do for increasing your blog or website traffic.
That is mean you haven’t copy an article from any website or blog. Instead of that you can write articles or comments on that articles that are trending nowdays and when people search for them. They will come towards your blog and then your blog or site visitors increases as well as pageviews.
2. Use Social Media Promotion.
Create a page at social websites like twitter, facebook.. etc. It's a great way give you a good number of visitors/followers. Therefore after writing your blog post, share the article link on social websites and ask your friends to share it.
3. Post on Forum.
register on forums that are related to your niche, write and post in these forums. When someone there need help, give him link to your blog article.
4. Post article as a guest on other sites. This way is considered a power tool to boost your traffic. Write as a guest on the other websites relevant to your niche and having good page rank. By doing that you not only get traffic from that but also do-follow backlink which is best for that of search engine ranking.
5. Blog Commenting.Visit other blogs daily and read their latest posts and comment on other blog articles. By doing so you will get backlink. The more backlinks you have, more traffic you will get towards your blog.
6. Email Marketing.
Add Subscription box in your blog for readers to join email list and get the updates straight in their inbox. This is mind blowing method to get traffic.
7. Share a video on Video Sharing sites.
Increase your blog traffic by creating tutorial or video related to your blog articles then share them on videos sites like youtube , meta cafe etc.
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Hope you have benefited with that points for boosting your blog traffic. Waiting your response & share your views on this article.


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