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Simple Html Tag a Blogger Must Know

html tag blogger must know
As a blogger, one should know some basic html tags or code to facilitate their blogging activities.even if one is not that good in webdesign, some basic html tags is not difficult to memorize and used when need arise.today i am going to share with you simple html tag a blogger must know.

Believe it or not, this tags i am about to share with you is mostly used especially on blogger blogspot blog htm editor.if you can memorize the html tag, you can be able to create post without using other what you see editor on blogger platform.

==> read more tag

The read more tag is always used to enable one to click readmore to read the full post on a website or blog.so instead of making your post to appear fully on the home page of your website, you can just add the read more tag to shorten it and allow visitors to click to read the full post.it makes your website to look more neat.visitors just have to read little of the post and decide to read the full article if need arise.so to insert the read more tag on blogger, just use <!--more-->

Break tag

the break tag as the name implies is used to create a paragraph on the post to enable visitors have some breathing space while reading your blog post.instead of just clustering the post without paragraph, it would be nice to make visitors to feel and get along with the post by adding the break tag.this will not make the visitors to get bored reading all joined articles without space to consume what they have read.so you can insert the break tag on blogger blog by using <br/>

==> Bold tag

The bold tag is used to highlight a particular set of words to make it bold so as visitors can get a clue of why that word is in bold.at times blogger uses the bold tag to make a word as heading.you can insert the bold tag by using<b></b>.onlike the other tags, the bold tag must have a closing tag.that is the word you wish to make as bold must be inside those open and closed bold tags e.g <b>your word here</b>.

If you have any other html tag you think blogger must know as a novice, then you can share with us by using the comment form. that's all, ENJOY.


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