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Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Traffic Rank

Top 10 Ways To Increase Alexa Rank

First let's know what is alexa and how does it works ?
Alexa is web info company that works to rank every website according to the visitors and traffic. Alexa depends on  some other factors, as it gives ranking. It's ranking is updated daily which mean that they update the websites or blogs rankings everyday. When your site rank is Lesser that mean it goes better.
One thing is noticed that if your blog with topics relate to blogging, technology or computers it will be ranke better than the others.

Here you 10 ways to increase your alexa traffic rank

1. Installe alexa toolbar
The first thing you have to do to increase the alexa traffic is installing alexa toolbar, and also ask and recommend your friends to install toolbar on their web browsers.
2. Claim your site on alexa.
The second thing you have to do is claiming your site or blog on alexa. That  will help others to know about your site and helps you to get better ranking.
3. Put alexa Widget On your site.
The third step is that you need to install alexa widget on your site. that helps your visitor to know  your site  alexa rank.
4. Get traffic from network lover and bloggers.
As others has already installed the alexa toolbars on their browsers so getting traffic from them is a better way to increase the alexa rank.With this method,you will have more chances that your alexa rank will grow faster.
5 . Write a short article about alexa on your site.
If you write a short article about alexa.com on your site,  there are a great chances to increase your alexa ranking.
6. Ask you friends / visitors to review on your blog on alexa.
Review your site on alexa and also ask your readers to review about your site on alexa. If you get reviews with five stars rating, that will  boost your alexa rank.
7. Commenting and backlinking.
Comment on others blogs, that are relevant to your niche, specially that sites with high page rank, link back to them for better ranking as well.
8. Keep your site updated.
This is so important thing you have to update your site content  to increase your alexa traffic rank. So write at least one article for better alexa ranking every day.
9. Write a good content posts.
Sure you hear bloggers saying that “content is king’, that means  if you have good quality content then your site will get good traffic and ranking.
10. Share your site posts on social media sites.
It is a great way to increase your visibility, traffic as well as alexa ranking that after publishing psot on your site you need to share these posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter,etc.


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