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How To Add Chat Room In Blogger Blogs

Chat Room For Blogger
Have you ever thought about adding chat room in your blog? One of our reader asked me yesterday that how can we add chat room in blogger blogs. I told him to wait a little and we'll fulfill your wish in our next post and here we're going to teach that how to implement chat room in Blogger. By default in Blogger, we can't add any chat room but we can do it by using any service. So today we're going to use ChatWing which is most popular chat widget. That chat widget can be added in the specific page or in the sidebar. But you'll need to set the height and width of the widget and that is not so difficult as you think. First of all let me tell you some features of that widget.

ChatWing Features

ChatWing is a free service for everyone which provides the custom web based chat widget which can be used anywhere on the web. This service is having some awesome features which we've described below.

Login Methods

Your users can easily login with any social networking account. No matter, If someone has not any social account, he can also login as a guest. You can also enable and disable any social site's account.

Easy To Change The Size

Another feature is that you can easily change the height and width or the size of your chat widget. You don't to have much knowledge about coding to do this. You will just need to drag the slider and press save button to generate the new coding.

Create Custom URL

This is also good feature that you can easily create the custom URL of your widget. By this you can easily reach to chat box by entering the custom address on browser.

Add The Music In Your Chat Box

This is also great feature that you can easily add the mp3 music in your chat widget. No matter if your readers get bored, You just add the audio url along with audio name by going to to settings. Then your readers will enjoy the music.

Easy To Edit The Chat Box

You can also easily edit the font of your chat box and also change the background image but if you wish to upload your own custom image then you can also do it. This is not difficult but you can do it in just 4 5 clicks. And this service is having a lot of awesome features.

Create ChatWing Chat Room

In order to add the chat room in your blog, You will need to first join the ChatWing then you can do it. Simply go to ChatWing and join it. Now after joining it go to your account and Click on "Create Chatbox".
After that you will come to next step which is customizing your chatbox. You can easily do any kind of change with it. After completing the editing, Click on "Save" and Then Hit "Use" button.
After that, Go to embedded options in order to add that chat widget in your blog. There you will see the iframe code at the bottom, copy that code and save it in notepad.
Now Go To Blogger >> Pages >> New Page >> Blank Page
Write The Page Name and Go To "HTML" Tab.
Paste The Chat Box Coding There and Hit "Publish" Button.
That's All!


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