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Adding A Photo Into The Group In Adobe

Here is the new tut of my website. I will show you the way of how to adding a photo to a group for some reasons boy of have not to have there when he see the picture and he ask the photographer add my photo too. So in this case the adobe photo shop cs3 is greater tool for done this job for us.

Final Image of After Adding Photo Into the group see it below.

1 First Open up the images in adobe photoshop cs3.

2. Select the Document of where to cutting the image and in the toolbar select the pen tool (P). In his option bar select the path and selecting the photo click click and click like mine shown in the pictures highlighted in red.

3. After you done the selecting then right clicking in the selection area it will pop's up some options. So Select the Make Selection option highlighted below.

4. In the Make Selection dialog box appear choose default setting feather radius to (0) and hit the ok button.

5. Now on your keyboard hit ( Ctrl + C ) it will copy your selected area then select other document in the adobe photo shop workspace and hit the ( Ctrl + V ) in your keyboard it will paste the copied clipboard to the document i selected.

6. After Pasting the selected area to another document it will looks like that look below.

7. On the toolbar select the Move tool (V) and hit on keyboard ( Ctrl + T ) the transforms selection appear on our pasted image hold down the Shift key and left mouse button on the right top corner to drag the downward to resizing it like shown below.

8. The Final of resizing and re positioning the picture it looks like that.


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