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Why People Always Like Windows XP Operating System?

Windows XP is the oldest version of windows OS. By following that XP, we are using so many OS. But people like to use windows XP now-a-days. Because it has too many features. System performance and processor scheduling are main things in Windows Xp. By using performance options in XP you can change your system performance for more number of stages. While you changing that, if you don’t want effects, you can come back to old stage.

System Performance

For taking this option click the start button and go to the control panel and then enter to system. Here you have to click on the settings which are shown by clicking performance option you will see performance option window. These tabs will be shown here such as visual effects, advanced, Data execution prevention. In these three tabs, effects tab will be selected as default. We need to select adjust for best performance option. Now you will have some options. In that you can choose which you need or like.

As default, in visual effects, settings all the options are selected. For example, in start menu there is a scroll option. By choosing this option you can have a beautiful display and good operating. On clicking on advanced tab you will get the following three options such as processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory. 

Processor Scheduling

Process scheduling setting is used to fix the time for the operation of one program. By selecting programs option we will get maximum of processor’s operating time and it will give more time for a program which is running on index. By choosing background device, processor time will be shared equally for all the operations. If windows XP taking more time due to paint operations in background, you want to choose programs option to share the processor time equally.

These are highly expected things by people. More over these it supports all the platform dependent soft wares like turbo C++. Install Windows Xp and make your system as well.


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